A complex technology for a simple product

The recipe for  Parmonie is the result of the years of experience of the baker Remo Bronzoni.

The ingredients, which are carefully selected to guarantee the high quality of the final product, are the same the baker uses to prepare his artisan products in his bakery, which have made him famous beyond the limits of Bibbiano.

The passage from the artisan production of the chips to industrial processing was very complex and the result of a long period of research.

It was not easy to capture the same original product quality within the schemes of the food industry.


The careful design of the industrialisation path made it possible, after many months of tests, to create the optimal version of the Parmonie using an industrial process. For the industrial production of the Parmonie, the company purchased customer engineered equipment and machinery.  The Parmonie, are not produced in series with food moulds, but are created out of a precise quantity of dough that is spread out irregularly on a baking sheet. Therefore, it was necessary to make technological changes to the food production machines already on the market, adapting them to the production needs.  This adaptation, which was followed by the Engineer Stefano Casali, involved a precise engineering project that led to the creation of customised machines for the industrial scale production of Parmonie, with unique features from a technological point of view.


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